Friday, January 23, 2009

Last Picture

Okay this is my last picture showing off my daughter Courtney. My oldest son did a video of her for her birthday in December. He added music and graphics and she looked like a Hollywood icon. I think we each come to this earth with our own unique personalities, she has always had a little bit of Hollywood attitude. From the time she was very young she has wanted cameras and camcorders, and video equipment. She spends her days editing pictures and making videos, and of course, taking her own picture. She is such a funny witty girl. She keeps us entertained and we enjoy watching the short movies that she makes, who knows? She is still young and has her life ahead of her. We love her so much.

1 comment:

BECKY said...

Definitely have a diva there!! I should know...I have two myself!! Adorable pic...great tribute to Audrey's dramatic flair!
Have a happy Saturday!