Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The After Pictures

Okay, here are the after photos. One is my daughter/photographer and the other is the reason for all of the fussing. Her adorable boyfriend. He seems to really like her and he loved the new red coloring in her hair. They both have been hit by the cupid's arrows. So fun. Love is in the air.


AwtemNymf said...

Sweet Girl! Good looking couple! Ain't it funny what we do for love *swoons*
I love the hair color. I've yet to muster up the confidence and color mine. It's on my "solutions" list for this year! I will do it I will I will I will!
Have a great day!

BECKY said...

Aaaww!! I just see a little girl becoming a woman, and it makes me want all of our daughters young and innocent again!!

Can't go back, though!! Drat!! I still have my sweety 10 yo who is precious! Cute couple!