Saturday, October 8, 2011

Halloween Party Food, Wacky Cake

Here are some easy to make, delicious to eat chocolate cupcakes.  My mom gave this recipe to me almost 45 years ago.  It is still a favorite.  I really like the cake the second day.  I always double the batch so it will fit into a 9" X 13" baking pan.  No eggs, No butter, No milk, so easy and yummy! Here is a link from the internet for the recipe. The link I have had on my blog got changed, so I have been sending you to a cake with eggs, butter and milk. Not to take any more chances. A quick search on the internet will yield a recipe for Wacky Cake.


Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

Hi Debbie,
These look yummy! OMGOSH, and so festive!!!
I went to your Etsy shop and was in love with all your wonderful tags & party favors.

Thanks for the recipe link & inspiration, I will try these :)

Take care,

Debbie said...

Great to hear from you Diane. Are you snowed in where you are? I hope that Halloween will be somewhat warm. I guess if not we will have to warm everyone up with hot chili and some hot apple cider.

Leslie said...

Its almost our favorite time of year. Hope all is well!!!

Grace H said...

wow very yummy congratulation to your mummy :-)
if you want add me :-)thanks!

Mary Varley said...

Found the Wacky Cake recipe as you described. Your cupcakes look gorgeous! Halloween's my favorite time of year, too. How many cupcakes does the recipe make?