Sunday, September 18, 2011

Vintage Fall Clip Art

I love it when coincidences happen!  I was cleaning through some boxes in my work area today when I found an envelope that had a booklet in it for vintage paper flowers.  A little piece of paper dropped out of the booklet and onto the floor.  I picked up the aged, fragile, folded piece of paper. It was a news paper clipping.  I looked for a date but could not find one (I am always one to wonder about all of the what ifs?).  The clipping had a few poems on it, many of them about fall. Talk about timing!  Next, my phone rings, it's my husband on his way to Park City, Utah to sell apples at Park Silly. He tells me that the leaves in the canyons are turning colors and wants to know if I want to go on a fall drive to take pictures of the beautiful scenery.  He has been helping a friend on the weekends who owns a fruit orchard.  He tells me that the fruit from that orchard in unique in that it sits over a natural underground aquifir, which provides consistent mineral rich water to the trees.
It's official, fall is in the air, temperatures are dropping.  Time to bake a fresh apple pie.

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