Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fall Vintage Art Prints

Today was what we call an Indian Summer day, not yet fall but not really summer anymore. I spent the morning going to flea markets and garage sales. These two little lithographs were my flea market find. They had my name all over them. They are so wonderful to look at and the feel of the old paper is almost magical. I will post these prints in a few days in my Etsy shop. They will be available for sale soon.

Fall Mosaic

I found this wonderful mosaic in Flickr. I was amazed at the beautiful selection that was chosen by this Elisa Bett. Click on the posting title to visit the Flickr link. Thank you to Elisa Bett for making this wonderful mosaic available for our viewing enjoyment.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Passing of a literary icon, Tasha Tudor

I have recently found that a wonderful woman I have always admired has passed away. Tasha Tudor passed away two weeks ago. She is a well know children's author and illustrator. I am posting her book Pumpkin Moonshine in her memory..
If you are not familiar with her work, a web search will give you a beautiful insight into her life and her incredible talents.

Click on the above link to visit her website.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Two Hour Nature Crafts


Summer is coming to an end and now is a great time to gather flowers for drying. Seed pod, decorative grasses, pine cones, these are items that you may want to gather now so that you will have them available for floral arrangements, embellinshing gifts and holiday decorating.

I and three of my good friends designed the projects in this book to give you ideas on how to use the wonderful end of summer bounty. I hope you are considering gathering a few of those last beauties to use in your craft and decorating projects.

This book is available through Barnes and Noble (see the link in the left sidebar of this blog) as well other websites and Ebay. Two Hour Nature Crafts by Mackenzie Kate (that was the name we used for this series of books)
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Make It Your Own

It has now been about 6 months since I first started blogging. I have learned so much not only about blogging but more about what I have to offer to my readers. Thanks so much to those of you who have visited a few times and welcome to those who are visiting for the first time.

I have a background in decorating, designing and art. I have taught a lot of classes through the years and have had many how-to books published. Often people will ask me for decorating advice or project advice. This has given me an opportunity to talk one on one with people. There is one thing that comes to my mind when I talk to people and that it whatever you are doing "Make it your own"!

The internet is a great source for ideas, so are magazines as well as cable television program. If you haven't already started doing this, here is a great idea for creating a beautifully decorated home. When you see an idea, bookmark it, take a picture or if possible tear the picture out of the magazine then file it into a binder. Continue doing this and it won't be long until you have begun to recognize what your style is, the colors that you are attracted to and the overall look and feel that you want in your home. Use those pictures and ideas as a guideline. Then "Make it your own"!

The personal touch is what takes a good idea and makes it a great idea. There is no greater place to showcase your talents, ideas and your good taste than your own home. Designers can give a customer guidelines for decorating, but it is really up to the homeowner to decide which of the ideas that most suit their needs and tastes.

If your are looking for ideas let's talk. I would love to be able to give you resources, guidelines and how-to hints. Leave me a note in the comments and I will answer and together we can create an enviroment that will express your great ideas.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

A little about me

I have always loved anything that became more beautiful with age. Collecting and selling antiques has not only been a passion and pastime, it has also become a business. I like combining the old with the new to create homes that look comfortable as well as stylish. A well worn table may be just the item that gives a room a lived in look. I have a keen eye for color and design I shop not only trade shows,but local flea markets looking for those unique items that make it my own. My passion to help people create what they want in their lives inspired me to create Cottage in the Country, I want this to be a place where friends and family can feel right at home.

With a background in designing and interior decorating,I have learned that we each have out personal style. Many times I am asked by women “How did you do that”?or “How can I do that in my home”? I hope to be able to share some of my ideas with you as well as bringing wonderful, tempting products and ideas that you will want to have for yourself, to use for gifts or display in your own cottage.

I hope you will visit often. I have put together a creative team to help me bring new ideas that you can either re-create or purchase.

Thanks again for visiting and come back soon.

Friday, August 8, 2008