Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

We made it. This has been so much fun sharing this Halloween holiday with you. You and the many web friends that I have made, are the reason this has been one of the most fun Halloweens that I have ever had. Remember that today is the last day to sign up for the free Halloween patterns, so if you haven't signed up do that and I will send them to you. They may be a little late to use this year, but it will be fun for next year. I am spending the day getting ready for the trick or treaters, making sure that my yard is safe, the garden hose is rolled up and put away and the leaves (they can get slippery when damp or icy)have been swept up and discarded. I want to make sure there is nothing that they will get hurt on. Please take a minute to review good safety precautions at your home so that everyone will have a safe and happy Halloween. Deb ps make sure you have your cameras ready. You will want to keep the memories.

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AwtemNymf said...

Happy Halloween!
*sprinkle sprinkle*
May your evening be Enchanting!!