Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Designing with Flea Market Finds

Finding affordable craft supplies, are always on the mind of those who do crafts as a hobby.  Shopping at flea markets can be a fun place to look for your next set of jewels. Buying dated jewelry that can be redesigned is a creative way to not only save money on supplies, it can be a wonderful way to find unique and one of a kind beads or findings. When shopping for used jewelry look for items that still have good working parts as well as beads that can look like new with a little cleaning and polishing.Once again, buy only items that you really love, you will find a use for it. Flea market shopping will yield not only vintage jewelry but also newer jewelry with findings that can give good continued use. Read the following list for a few pointers for buying used jewelry:

  • Make sure the jewelry can be cleaned easily
  • Buy only pieces that you love
  • Buy used jewelry with good competitive pricing. Old isn't necessarily cheap
  • Clasps and closures should be in good working condition
  • Rosary bead chains are a good component for today's jewelry styling
  • Religious symbols are highly sought after items
  • Souvenir charms to mix with other charms to create theme jewelry
  • Glass beads and pearls in your favorite colors
  • Chains and more chains, buy them a variety of colors and weights
  • One of a kind earrings can be used for charms or used as pendants on a new necklace
  • Mix and match vintage beads with newer beads for an eclectic look

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Leslie said...

Great tips Debbie. I just cleaned out my jewelry box and have lots of fancy "junk" to create with.