Monday, December 28, 2009

Counting down New Year's Day No. 5

Wow, it is finally here.  The last week of 2009.  I personally am looking forward to the New Year.  I have been saving many ideas to add to my blog during 2010.  I like the first day of a new year, it is sort of like having a new box of crayons, a new sketch pad or a new pair of shoes. I can't wait to use them but I also like seeing them new and fresh with so many possibilities. I like spending the time thinking of all of the what ifs I could create with these items. Sometimes change is good and a New Year seems to mark that for many of us.  I am looking forward to the changes and hope you are going to come along on the adventure.

1 comment:

Country Dreaming said...

YES, bring on the NEW YEAR!!!
I too love a new box of crayons, their smell take me back to my
Pre-school and Kindergarten years.
Such happy times!

Looking forward to seeing what you will be up to in the new year.