Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valentine Blog Open House

Everyone is welcome to participate. If you have a fun idea that you would like to share I will post it as the hostess and give a link so others can come to your blog for say a great recipe for sugar cookies, or a fun way to decorate your front door for the holiday, anything that you would like to share, it is Open House, sort of like pot luck, only this time we will be able to share great ideas. I will be posting all week for Valentine's Day so make sure you come back and if you are not already on my list sign up for the free patterns.

1 comment:

BECKY said...

Hey Debbie! How does this open house thing work? I want to join in, but don't know how!

Hope all is well with you! Love the Valentine artwork!! You're just so talented!!

Have a joyful Sunday!