Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mackenzie-Childs Event

One of the nice things about being a blogger is that I get to share the good news. So much of the media is based on the drama of the day. While I am aware of the things going on around me, I chose to live my life in the spirit of gratitude. There is so much good in the world and there are so many talented heart felt people, this is where I want to put my efforts. I love to share ideas and lift peoples spirits. For many years, I have been an admirer of Mackenzie-Childs in New York, as a decorative painter myself, I would love to be able to attend their event. For those of you who can go, I would love to hear about your experience. Have a great visit. Live Life Joyously. Deb

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Thimbleanna said...

The Ad...The Ad...I can't find The Ad! Did I miss something? I LOVE the table that you posted!