Friday, November 11, 2016

Changing of the Seasons

Life is ever evolving, this is something that we each know as a fact. There are two ways to look at this concept first we can ignore it and continue to try to live as though we don't notice the subtle changes.  A second choice could be that we recognize change and we embrace it as a new opportunity to expand our thinking as we develop new creative energy.

The changing of the seasons is also part of life's evolution. I live in Utah, a state that usually seems to embrace the change of season.  Leaves on trees change colors, then wither and die,  Having fulfilled their cycle of life the leave usually drop to the ground while the tree itself begins it's winter's rest. This year, it seems the trees and shrubs are resisting the change.  A neighbor nearby has beautiful salmon colored roses in full bloom on it's bush and new buds are on my fuschia colored geraniums on the porch.  We have an unusually warm weather for mid November our temperatures have been in the high 60"s and low 70"s.  We are still running the air conditioner everyday.

Mother Nature is usually a good calendar, marking the changes of the year.  I think someone forgot to inform her that this is November after all.

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