Friday, August 28, 2009


This is sort of a disclaimer post. I have signed up for the Google Adsense program, which means that I have consented to allow ads to be placed on my blog. This is sort of a way that I have hoped to financially support some of the posts and events that I would like to do this year for my blog readers. I am feeling a little embrassed, however, that some of the ads do not reflect my values. I am in the process of making the decision to possibly look for other ways to support my blog. I love bringing good ideas for cottage decorating and crafting to my friends and readers. In the meantime please accept my apologies, since I have found some of the ads offensive, I am concerned that some of my readers may also share that value. I hope you have a good experience when you visit Cottage in the Country. Deb

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Julie said...

I was wondering why you had some of the ad's you had!